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Andrew Shitov

Perl 6 at a Glance

Andrew Shitov. Perl 6 at a Glance

Reviewed by Elizabeth Mattijsen
Programming languages series
Published by DeepText
Amsterdam, January 2017
ISBN 978-90-821568-3-6

This book is about Perl 6, a programming language of the Perl family. It covers many basic and deep topics of the language and provides the initial knowledge you need to start working with Perl 6. The book does not require any previous knowledge of Perl.

The Perl 6 programming language has a long story. It emerged in 2000 and got its first stable specification in 2015. This book is the first one based on the standard 6.c of the language.

A lot of examples and explanations let you follow the ideas of the language design and will help you to start programming in Perl 6 right away.

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code examples
modern Perl 6

Chapter 1. Perl 6 Essentials

Hello, World! ~ Variables ~ Built-in types

Chapter 2. Operators

Prefixes ~ Postfixes ~ Method postfixes ~ Infix operators ~ Numerical operators ~ String operators ~ Universal comparison operators ~ List operators ~ Junction operators ~ Shortcut operators ~ Other infix operators ~ Meta-operators ~ Hyper-operators

Chapter 3. Code Organization

Subroutines, or subs ~ Variables and signatures ~ Anonymous code blocks ~ Placeholders ~ Function overloading ~ Modules

Chapter 4. Classes

Class attributes ~ Class methods ~ Inheritance ~ Multiple inheritance ~ Private (closed) methods ~ Submethods ~ Constructors ~ Roles

Chapter 5. New Concepts

Channels ~ Promises

Chapter 6. Regexes and Grammars

Regexes ~ The $/ object ~ Grammars


Unicode ~ Whatever (*) ~ Files ~ Programming for the Internet ~ Database access

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